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Friday, June 20, 2008

Couple of hands

For these hands they are all at full tables but I've just cut out the players we dont care about to make em quicker to read

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Seat 7: AverageJoe ($9490)
Seat 9: TanOrpheus ($10695) -


Small Blind Player Sitting Out
BIG Blind Player Sitting Out
Dealt To: TanOrpheus

CALL AverageJoe ($200)
RAISE TanOrpheus ($600) ** Easy button raise with medium strength cards like these
CALL AverageJoe ($400)


Pot: $1200

CHECK AverageJoe
BET TanOrpheus ($800) ** Obv I am betting out my TP but not so hard that it looks like I'm scared of the flush
RAISE AverageJoe ($2400) ** Standard play from him, find out if I have a flush or if that was just a C-bet. He prob is not expecting me to bet out with a decent flush here
RAISE TanOrpheus ($4600) ** This bet went in quickly, I wanted it to look more like I wanted action now because I'm 95% sure he hasn't got a flush there if he does shove at this point then I have to drop it
FOLD AverageJoe ** Easy money

TanOrpheus collected $6300 from main pot

Total pot: $6300 Rake: $0

Example of a Stop N Go

Seat 2: BlindStealer ($6428)
Seat 5: TanOrpheus ($3030) -


Small Blind Player Sitting Out
TanOrpheus posts BIG blind $250
Dealt To: TanOrpheus

ANTE TanOrpheus ($25)
RAISE BlindStealer ($750)
CALL TanOrpheus ($500) ** Decided this once that QJ has more chance of winning a pot like this than by shoving preflop and getting called as a 40/60 dog by A-9 or something


Pot: $1525

BET TanOrpheus ($2255) ** Insta-push, try not to look at the flop
FOLD BlindStealer

TanOrpheus collected $1800 from main pot

Total pot: $1800 Rake: $0

Finally I eventually made a good read on this hand but should have moved on an earlier street

Seat 3: LooseBB ($12990) -
Seat 4: UTG WeakTight ($20570)
Seat 9: TanOrpheus ($10990)


LooseBB posts BIG blind $300
Dealt To: TanOrpheus

ANTE LooseBB ($25)
ANTE UTG WeakTight ($25)
ANTE TanOrpheus ($25)
RAISE UTG WeakTight ($900)
CALL TanOrpheus ($900) ** Suited connectors are an ok hand to see a flop with vs a weak-tight player raising UTG whos easy to read
CALL LooseBB ($600)


Pot: $2775

BET LooseBB ($600) ** weak bet, probably flush draw ?
FOLD UTG WeakTight ** smart UTG raise then !
CALL TanOrpheus ($600) ** this is a weak call I think, if I really thought he was on the flush draw I could raise here but my own draw made me just call


Pot: $3975

BET LooseBB ($600)
CALL TanOrpheus ($600) ** another weak bet and weak call from me, not really thinking about the hand just my cards and draw at this point


Pot: $5175

The diamond hits and I am thinking "Oh he got there" but then :

BET LooseBB ($600) ** He bets the minimum again. There's no way he hit the flush and underbet for value on the river. If he was chasing and got there his bet is going to be aroud 2-3k on that river
RAISE TanOrpheus ($3000) ** If I thought he was chasing and would bet 2-3k on the river wouldn't it make sense that I could have been chasing and got there on the river so put in the 3k bet
FOLD LooseBB ** Yeah that makes sense to him

TanOrpheus collected $6675 from main pot

Free hand converter brought to you by CardRunners

What can I surmise from this and yesterdays bottler hand ? I'm trusting my reads more but not willing to follow through on them 100% if all my chips are at risk unless I'm getting in the 15BB range and having to do something soon anyway. Should it really make a difference ? If I'm 90% sure on a read then I should follow it through whether I have 15BB's or 100BB's. Otherwise it's just costing me chips.

I don't rock climb, but there is a saying in rock climbing "Commit to the Move"

Once you have decided to do the move / sequence, then cast off and do it without any doubts - no second guessing yourself - mentally and/or physically. The second you start thinking about failure is usually when you blow the move and fall.

Same thing here. Except I won't fall and hurt myself, the worst that can happen is 8 other donkeys see me do something stupid and "lol" at me. Even more reason to go for it 100%.
I'm really focussed on playing as good as I can at the moment and really want to keep that momentum going. Hopefully other people will realise why I'm burning them off a bit right now. It might sound a bit gamblerific to say it, but the last time I cared about poker this much good things started to happen, in and outside the game.

The dream lives on….


Anonymous Pud's Poker said...

Sounds like you're playing with confidence and it's paying off. My confidence has been shot to pieces with my bad run, i need to get it back, and soon!

2:49 pm  

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