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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lucky 13 !

This weekend was totally awesome in so many ways. Highlights :

The Foo Fighters was the best gig I've ever seen and probably always will be
Dave Grohl totally ruled the 89,000 Wembley crowd
There aren't many things that compare to jumping up and down next to your mates screaming song lyrics at the top of your lungs
Words really can't do the show justice, so if you get a chance listen again on the bbc to Zane Lowe's highlights show which was on last night, or youtube some of the clips people took on their phones.
Twisters bag is still on the underground circle line.
I won money on the Derby, New Approach had an amazing race.

Epsom Derby
Image details: Epsom Derby served by picapp.com

"Where are you from ?" I asked the gorgeous waitress serving us lunch
"I'm brazilian, why ?" she smiled
"Aaha, I thought so. I was just telling my friend that the most beautiful girls come from Brazil"
"Aww, Thank you" she grinned

- should have got her number -

Played in a £50 poker tourney at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino. The juice was £6. We had to deal for ourselves which sucked. It's hard enough playing live when you never get a chance to practice, let alone when you're worrying about looking a muppet while shuffling/dealing/cutting the cards too.

Got my A-K of clubs cracked by A-T off, allin preflop I was out when a Ten hit on the river. Everyone was very friendly there and the casino is classy and well run. The poker players were tight and most knew each others game. One guy raised preflop from MP and the BB folded AJ face up. The MP raiser showed AQ. That’s when I knew I was in trouble !

Stayed there to watch the Belmont. Was convinced Big Brown would break down and so it proved. Twister told me I was being ridiculous. I should have layed it. Instead I backed Casino Drive but he was withdrawn late so I got my money back anyway.

140th Running of the Belmont Stakes
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Got pretty drunk and hit the roulette tables. Think I've done that before !

Played a strategy of picking one colour and one number. Hit the first 5 colours which kept me even on the number bets which were missing.

My drunken brain tried to "use the force" and tune in to the moment. 13-black. Lucky 13 ! It hit !
"well done sir, would you like that in cash or chips ?"
"Cash please" … I sometimes know when to quit while I'm ahead
Collected about £140

Covent garden is a cool place to hang out.

Train to Gatwick - Platform 13 leaving in 13 minutes !
Seat number on the flight home 13B !

What could possibly go wrong ?!

Made it home safely. Cats welcomed me back by pissing in my suitcase. Marginally better than last time when they shat on the hallway floor. This is the cost of leaving them alone for the weekend (save for visits from my family to feed them, thanks to everyone who helped out)

Brilliant weekend, Happy 30th Birthday ActionRich.

30 Birthday Cake
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