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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Simple really

Some people call it cunning and others cheating. Whatever it is the Italian soccer team are the best in the world at it. Put an Italian in the box with a scoring opportunity and 8 times out of ten instead of shooting he'll collapse in a heap. More Italians should be booked for faking it. They won a world cup on the back of it, and they'll likely go to at least the semi's in the current Euro competition with the help of it.
Its naive of me, but nothing makes me more angry than seeing players blatantly bending the rules and getting no punishment for it. I guess that’s why I like poker. The rules are rigid and boundaries clearly defined.
Even when I get my money as favourite against the big stacks 2-outer on the turn and he hits the river, such as I did in the MSOP last night. I can accept that. I got him to make a mistake. He didn't trick the deck or dealer into giving him that last 7. He didn't cheat me. I made a right move and the 7 on the river was simple mathematical chance.

I can accept beats like that peacefully, there is something pure and honest about it.

- this is one of the keys to being a not tilty (and therefore good) player -


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