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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Multi (2)

Thanks for the comments about multi tabling Pud and Cell. My set up right now is one HDTV and one standard CRT monitor. You can fit more screens on the CRT but it is my secondary because it's old and not as good quality as the TV. So on my main TV I have the tables slightly overlapped in 3 rows of 4 tables and on the CRT I have 4 rows of 2 tables. I find for me this is the best combination of size with no overlap of the buttons so that everything feels comfortable. When playing low limits ABC poker 99% of the decisions are makeable in an instant so its very much a case of point-click, point-click. With 12 tables there are more lulls in the action and its easy to keep up with whats going on, up that to 20 and it really only becomes a problem when you have to pause with a decision to make and take like 20 secs over it. In that time another 10 tables might be waiting for your actions and you have to play catch-up a little bit. These occassions are rare but it can cause a bit of rushed panic decision making which would obviously be costing money over time.

Right now I'm finding it a simple, reliable way to bolster my bankroll and a win rate of just under $5 and hour is fine for what I need to achieve in the short term. I have no idea if that's a little, lot or average for these limits but its enough for me today.


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