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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Big coinflip

I can't work out if the worlds gone mad or had a sudden infusion of sanity injected into it. I have no idea where $700B dollars gets magicked from to rescue an economy. It looks like banks suddenly realised that swapping debt over and over again was really just moving numbers, no-one knew who owed whom and finally the house of cards that drove the economy for the last ten years is falling down. I'll admit I'm not exactly on the ball when it comes to economics. I got a "D" in my GCSE's in this subject mainly because I claimed in class that so much of it was illogical and driven by factors that weren't real. It's a mess anyway.

I'm sure there will be a bailout though. And I'm sure it will be presented as "McCains big idea". After all this is really what his campaign needs. Another thing I don't understand is how you can have one party in power in for 8 years, watch them make one f***-up after another and freely admit to having one of the worst presidents in history and still have unwavering support for the same guys in the next election. That seems like blind faith to me and it belongs in religion not politics. It seems even more crazy when the other guys left the countrys economy in the best shape it had ever been in when they left.

I'm glad I'm not a politician, voters are so illogical.

I read a joke recently "conservatives say government doesn't work, and then they get elected to prove it"
It isn't a joke anymore


Anonymous Pud's poker said...

It does make me laugh how all this money that wasn't available before suddenly appears.

I don't get the Americans as a whole, for reasons you outlined in your post.

Another joke/saying I heard also runs true and that is "Democracy ends te second you cast your vote"

12:48 pm  

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