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Friday, September 05, 2008

Politico !

As a Brit I don't know much, this is what I have picked up so far :

Obama is a great orator but I don't know what his policies are.

I heard a speech yesterday and don't know what McCain policies are but apparently they are definitely different from Bush
I heard a speech last week and don't know what Obama policies are but apparently they are definitely different from Bush

Sarah is only hot because the other girl (Hillary) is so not-hot. Like when you see two '7's in a bar and one looks like a '8' because she has slightly longer hair.

Her voice goes right through me.
I have no idea who Joe Biden is.

Change ! What ? Is that a policy?
Country first ! What ? Is that a policy?

Let's build a bridge to an island no-one cares about
- Funding gets cut
Hey ! Don't build a bridge to knowhere !

If you are a democrat this is called flip flopping
If you are a republican this is called reform

God, Guns & Babies - repulican
Tax & Spend - democrat

McCain is really too old !
Hats that say "Drill Now" are funny. The range should be extended to "Drill Here" and "Drill Me"

Even republicans seem gutted about the Bush years

This might be the first time I have seen a party try to retain office by saying they were really different than the last guy, rather than stand on their record over the previous term.

Conventions are for extremists. If we weren't the "civilised west" the people who turn up there would be terrorising each other.

Swing voters are the only ones who matter, not the kind of people who get involved in internet/tv debates.

Target the swingers, get into to power. Simple.

I don't have a vote so it don't really matter that I don't know much !


Blogger Cell 1919 said...

Ahh, so it's not just me that doesn't get it?

And is it just me that finds La Clinton just a wee bit naughty?

At least there won't be a queue when the day inevitably comes...

4:40 pm  

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