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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time !

Work has been really busy the last two weeks, but not stressful. It's been nice to have so much to do and feel challenged rather than bored. Unfortunately that's also why I haven't played at all. Rather than sit down and force a tired, losing game I've been waiting for the chance to play fresh. It's 3.30pm and today has been relatively slow, TheBrain says he's up for it and the TheBody seems to concur. Tonight we'll play, probably a tourney rather than some weak-tight cash grinding. I don't think I'd cope with a grind.

Studying's going well, the subject matter is really not complex. SPORE is one of the worst games I've ever wasted my money on. Please don't buy it you will regret it. You can have my copy if you want to test that statement for free.


Blogger Rosie said...

Hehe, someone bought Spore for me to keep me occupied. I am not really a gamer. It was far too benign though, even for me.

We should donate them to the republican party, and use them to bore the creationists amongst them into accepting modern evolutionary theory.

3:43 pm  
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