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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Baby Steps

Not a bad night for shaking off the cobwebs. 522/4212 in the $11 $30k gtd on stars meant I got my buyin back +$6, I was just inside the money. I should have gone deeper in this but bottled a read when a shortie shoved and the LAG on the my right reshoved. I had pocket 6s and figured I was at least ahead of the LAG but folded and he had Q-10.

Busted 12th in a 45-man $6 game too, when I pushed the nut flush draw on the flop, was called by two pair - turned my flush but got rivered by a full house. Damn river ! It is not a finish inside the money, but was satisfactory for a first date in a while.

I have a new trick for my alertness too. I have stopped drinking coffee before 5pm. Tea with no sugar has replaced coffee with 1. Then at 5/6pm I have a coffee and instead of the old evening coffee crash I have a coffee high that gives me the kick to get me through a poker tourney.

And finally thank you for the kind words in the comments. The kindness of you folks who I've never even met always amaze me.


Blogger BamBam said...

Hmmmm...... Tea instead of Coffee, then Coffee later huh? Maybe I should give that a try?

Of course.... We'd have to put that into proper context for your's truly.

I have a new trick for my alertness too. I have stopped drinking Scotch/rocks before 5pm. Scotch with no ice has replaced the Scotch with. Then at 5/6pm I have a Scotch/Rocks and instead of the old evening Scotch/Rocks crash, I have a chilled Scotch high that gives me the kick to get me through a poker tourney.


4:15 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

With your recent weather you have a good excuse of needing the scotch to keep warm though ! I am yet to find such a good reason for me to indulge... probably for the best !

3:02 pm  

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