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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just seen a mate "O" in town who I went to school with, he was one of my best friends back when we were 17. He crashed my first car 3 weeks after I got my driving licence and it didn't matter. Our group got wasted together, chased girls together, and generally pushed the boundaries of life. O was one of the really intelligent guys I knew, unfortunately that meant that he got bored with a lot of things and would do stuff just to make his life less boring. Whenever we got really drunk on a bottle of JD he'd tell me that none of this really mattered and life was just a game.
The few choices we all made as young adults then took us down different paths. Some of us worked hard and partied hard and shone on the career & qualifaction path. Others like me did what was required but never went the extra mile to excel at anything in particular. O got juvenile detention which led to further bad choices and a prison sentence and addiction to heroin, now I think he's on methadone. He's out of prison and looks much better than the last time I saw him, he's running a small business organising building projects, has a girlfriend and is going on holiday in January. It always amazes me when I look back at specific moments how one decision or one outcome could have changed my life completely, and how easily it could have been anyone of me or my friends that was in Os shoes now. Its great to see him doing so well now and we're going to meet up when he gets back from holiday.

I played the Jersey game last night and got my JJ rivered by AK. I also played the $5 15k gtd & a $4 180, kindly sponsored by BurnleyMik of the raisetheriver forum fame but had two tricky (?) hands early and went out. I have another 9 180's and one shot at the 15k to play on a stake + 50/50 profits agreement, keeps me ticking over anyway and hopefully I can make a little bit of cash for Mik with some luck.

Tonight's free blogging crapshoot is NLH and I'll be at a friends house so I'm probably going to shove and go big or go out early.

No Limit Hold’em December 18 14:00 ET (7PM GMT)

See you there.


Blogger BamBam said...

Happy Christmas Tan my friend! All the best to you and yours, over the holiday's.

3:25 pm  

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