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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

PKR Trnmnt

I'll begin with the slightly depressing and surprisingly honest announcement that I've blown my roll down to busto at both fulltilt and pokerstars now. Fulltilt's been empty for months but now pokerstars has joined it. This means friends that on friday some of my paycheck will be going towards a reload. The first reload in approx 2 years. I'm ok with that. The bust was due to bad bankroll management and after withdrawals I'll still be slightly up.

* I might be a long term losing player, but we don't have the stats to prove it just yet *

Because the 2 busy sites are empty I fired up PKR.com (that's the 3d, footprint heavy software in case you've never seen it) It's a different experience though a lot of the 3d stuff is wasted if you actually want to play. For instance they have a first person perspective view of the table but because you can't see to your immediate left/right it makes it difficult to follow where the blinds got to and position. I end up playing on the overview mode so I can still see the whole table at one time.

Anyway, after waiting 10 mins for a download and install update (they added santa hats and festive graphics) I regged for the next decent looking tourney. It was called the $15 Deep and Fast - Yeah, I know. Sounds like something you get from a crack-whore coming to end of her shift at 5am in a Vegas carpark. Fortunately this lasted a little longer but was just as dangerous. Players start with 5k chips and blinds of 10-20 but the blinds go up at a rocketing 5 mins per level, and because of the 3d stuff hands get dealt and played slower than at a standard site. We were lucky to get 5 hands in per level.

I managed to double up early which bought me time and the other players seemed to be terrible. I don't know if it was the advancing blinds or that they were just plain bad. No hands really stood out and I havent worked out hand histories on the site yet even if they had but when all was said and done I cajoled my way through the 182 player field to finish in 19th place for $40. A very noticeable thing was that many of the players pushing and calling ranges were way off, with short stacks letting themselves get to 3 BB's before shoving and big stacks folding even in the BB even when they should have been calling with just about any two cards.

I enjoyed it though and I'll play there again but next time will look for a Deep and Slow structure instead.

Tonight its the Jersey online game at Uncover Poker with $500 added to the prize pool :o)


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