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Monday, December 01, 2008


My Uncle passed away 3 weeks ago, hence the gap in posting and activity. He was a funny, lovely amazing man who kept his razor sharp sense of humour right to the end, through battles with misdiagnoses and mistreatment of his tumour. At the cremation as the coffin rolled away and the curtains came across they got stuck half way, and everyone laughed because they knew that Mick was there with them, having another joke about things.

So that’s where I've been really, in a more important head space than the whims I usually write on here from day to day. I also had last week off work and did very little apart from veg about and have loads of time to myself, just recharging the batteries I guess you would call it. I don't know when I'll next play poker but I expect after I've caught up reading everyone's blog posts I will be reminded of the passions that make it a game worth spending some of our precious time on.


Blogger Amatay said...

Sorry to hear about your recent loss Tan, gl mate

6:57 pm  

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