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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vegas Dreams

I was allin with A-Q vs Q-9 on a Q-T-3 -5 board in a $200 cash game last night when a 9 hit the river to felt me. The villain apologised saying he thought my allin was a bluff. I felt sick, the poker room seemed bigger, the casino emptier and I felt small and insignificant. I stood up to walk away from the table, and then I woke up.

That was the last part of the dream I had last night about being in Vegas. I was gutted about the bad-beat, but I was really gutted when I realised I wasn't waking up just 5 minutes away from a chance to make it all back.

I have been bombarded with thoughts of Vegas in the past 3 weeks. One colleague is soon going on the road trip that Hooks, Twister, Peacock and I went on in 2005. Driving from SF to LA to Vegas. Another colleague is spending Christmas in Vegas, it's his first trip but he's a fine poker player and will certainly make some money there if lady luck isn't in a foul mood. Finally there is the peak of posts from every blogger who's off to the WPBT Winter Gathering this weekend. If you cut me I'm sure there would be a tinge of green in the blood there is so much envy in me right now.

There is one illogical and one logical solution to all this.

I could illogically max my credit card get on a 'plane and be in the MGM Grand in about 24 hours, jetlagged and regretting my impulses.

Or I could go for the logical solution of target setting, with the target being June next year. Any tips on images, stories, etc to keep me focussed on the goal will be greatfully received ! Two of my best friends, Action Rich and Tension Girl are getting married next year. If I can just convince AR to have his stag do in Vegas…..

And finally,

I am lucky. Sometimes I forget.

In the midst of the current financial crisis we've had our end of year results at work and the impact on me is a definite tick in the win box. Christmas and more importantly next year are going to be a much easier ride thanks to this piece of news. Working for the same place for so long does have its benefits.

Oh, and finally P.S.

Scott has launched www.tilteddreams.com, a friendly new poker forum, so if you like forums why not sign up and be part of the birth of a new one :o)


Blogger BamBam said...

Stories can be found in my June 15th - 19th. archives, if interested.

Also, there will be a mid-June Blogger gathering in Vegas.

Motivation enough?


5:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

re your earlier post .... you have to play a qualifier ???? to play in stars wbcoop ?

man i am confused



6:22 pm  

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