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Monday, January 26, 2009


I said in my last post that I'm immune to bad beat tilt, I've been to an place with bad beats that makes all others irrelevant, what I didn't say is that I am sensitive to self-destruct tilt. This form of tilt occurs when I play a hand quickly, stupidly and for many or all of my chips. Yesterday it occurred in the 4th hour of the 3582 entrant $5 tournament on Stars.

I had been playing well, finding some really good spots to win chips my cards didn't deserve and then, SLAM!, complacency or carelessness saw me throw chips away and myself out of the game in a snap-call when I HAD to be beaten. The maddening part of course was that I didn't even think about his history or any of his stats before making the call.

In the cold light of today I can see this put on tilt, I went from playing really good to just playing my cards. It was like a fog had descended over the table. I couldn't see my opponents cards anymore and I was full out doubts about my own. I played another 6 tournaments feeling like that. Muppet ! My final attempt at winning something on Sunday was a $5 SNG. We got down to 4 players. I was allin with 10 10 and got bubbled by A Q.

I watched the start of the new series of LOST, if you've never seen it, the following explains why you never should -

"Hurley tells his mom they all lied about what happened after the crash. He tells her about the island – the crash, the smoke monster, The Others, hatches, the button every 108 minutes, the Dharma Initiative, the freighter, the boat, the six of them left."

Say WTF ?

"Hurley: "The rest of the people who were on the plane. They’re still on that island."
He cries.
His mom grabs his arm. "I believe you. I don’t understand you, but I believe you."

Nobody understands you LOST, and only a few still believe you, please leave now. I feel dumber everytime I accidentally see you on TV.

At least we have action-packed 24 to entertain us tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not sure about wtf .... how about "i fucking detest lost" .... will that do ????



7:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOST is a most excellent TV show with fantastic writing, while 24 is a most crappy show on TV with even crappier writing, much like this comment.

8:06 pm  

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