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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Out with the old....

Seeing as there's been a clear out in the USA, I've spent a little time dropping some of the many many many links on my sidebar again. There are a couple of new ones in there too. The blogs that got deleted are either not updated often enough or get a lot of posts that I just skim over when they pop-up in my reader. If I aint reading it there aint much point in linking to it huh !

One new blog to highlight is Chardrian's. When I had my "year of playing religiously" in 2006 Chard was one of those who'd just started knocking on the door of big tourneys. Since then, while I've been playing very little he's been practicing good bankroll management playing MTT's and has got his roll up into the $60k stratosphere. It's great to see someone I "knew" a few years ago doing so well. I wonder what he'd say to his 2006 self now if he had the opportunity ?!

Despite being absolutely knackered this week I've started playing some good tournament poker. How do I know ? Because I'm picking up chips I don't deserve with my crap cards, laying down losing hands with my good cards, and most of all smiling at the 'bad beats' with calm acceptance. The calm has always been sign for me playing my best poker.

Watch this space, a victory is just around the corner. . . !


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