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Friday, January 23, 2009

Play goot, run not so goot

Played OK last night, ran bad. Was never allin as worse than a 50-50 but everyone else got there and I didn't. Called it a night early when I got allin on a K-9-3 rainbow flop with KQ and the slightly shorter stacked BB called with K8 - the 8 on the turn was a sign to stop :)
It may have done me a favour in the long run though as I caught up on a bit of sleep and should be much the better for it when I play this weekend.

I didn't deserve to win anything last night anyway, I have bad karma for laughing so much at the guy we've got with us on work placement until June. He's done 2 years of an IT degree and doesn't know how to reformat dates. Actually he doesn't know anything. At first I thought they just didn't teach him much but he's not listening to the things we tell him either. Even googleing "reformat date with .Net" seems to be a stretch. We get a lot of laughs out of it but I do feel a bit cruel about it sometimes, I have to claim I was being cruel to be kind.

There's a live Jersey game at a local bar tonight, can't decide whether to go or not. It would be nice to play live again but somehow I feel like I'm being shafted when I'm paying rake & having to deal for myself. That is more to do with me hating dealing than anything though I guess.


Blogger Justin 'AnteVirus' Thorne said...

Don't feel shafted mate.

I paid for the five WPT tables, the 1000 casino quality tournament chips, the six decks of KEM cards, the 1000 cash game chips, I'm there an hour early to pull the tables up from the basement, set-up the game, I paid for the tournament software on the laptop I risk getting a pint spilled on every night, I also spend most days encouraging the 40-50 people who turn up for the games to actually come.

People turn up five minutes before kick-off, leave as soon as they either win or lose, whilst I spend an hour packing everything away again. I get in about 2am... win or lose.

And I get £2 off everyone for the privilege.

And you feel shafted?

It's all about perspective.

I'd feel the same way if it was a 'house' taking a rake and asking you to self-deal. But it's a notfor profit poker club and the rake you pay relative to the pot your playing for is miniscule.

4:07 pm  
Blogger TanOrpheus said...

Sorry mate, didnt cross my mind to think about all the time and effort you put into it. Keep it up ! One day I'll get used to self dealing after some more practice so I won't hate it so much !

4:13 pm  
Blogger Justin 'AnteVirus' Thorne said...

Ah don't worry mate, it's a conversation I've had a lot lately.

I think the internet spoils us in terms of poker but I just love the live game so much it's worth the effort.

I'd love to have dealers, but even paying min wage, the club would make a loss... as you know, the casinos hate poker because it doesn't pay (anyone other than the players) - they would much prefer to use the space for slots or craps... where the house wins!

I've had my rant now! So will go back in my cage!

Love the blog by the way.

4:41 pm  

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