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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A ton of poker

I have played more hands of poker this week than ever before. 12-tabling the $10 buyin .05/.10c NL cash games on pokerstars, which is fun but tiring ! In a 3 hour session I get in an about 2,000 hands. Obviously it's pretty hard to get any reads with tables popping up one after the other so I've also been delving a bit deeper into PokerTracker3's capabilities.

The most awesome thing I've found so far is that you can colour code one stat based on a basic query of any other stat. For instance I have one set up which shows how often a player calls a raise preflop, and this number is colour coded by how often the same player folds to a C-bet on the flop. It's fracking awesome when you're trying to make quick decisions.

As brilliant as this is, an unlucky day yesterday of suckouts and coolers mean the results are somewhat less than stellar. Just shy of 6k hands seen this week and I have turned a peewee profit of $17.78 ! On friday night I was up $60 !

After the little downturn I didnt fancy cash games today so played some tourneys instead, won a seat for the Sunday Million, which I played and finished around 4000th when the big stack at our table called my PF allin with 9c 10c. I had pocket 8s but he hit his 9 on the river to send me out. At least I got to play the $215 buyin game for only a $9 investment.

I also cashed in the $8 rebuy with 2088 entrants, finishing 300th for $47.77 and made money in the $10 crapshoot that is the $200k guaranteed with 10 min blinds. I lucked my way into 1546th place for $29.32. Its such a mad tourney with 29323 entrants !

The hand in my last post finished like this

TanOrpheus: raises 1250 to 1750
sw1974: raises 5140 to 6890 and is all-in
TanOrpheus: folds

Justin played it in the comments exactly as I did in the hand. Pretty clear by this stage that he's sure he has me beat, probably with an overpair. I am playing Ace-Ten a lot less now though, it looks from PT stats that its a hole in my game which needs plugging. So stupid that I am more careful not to overplay AJ than AT !

Have a good start to the week ! I'm going to try and stay up to play the TuckFard game tomorrow night so I can say hello to the Canucks and thank Bam for his latest post!


Blogger BamBam said...

It was great to see you at the game last night my friend. I just wish I would've felt well enough to actually play a little poker.

4:34 pm  

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