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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"The world has changed, and we must change with it." - President Obama

It was an incredible day because the hopes of millions of people on this planet were focussed on one man. More people of the world shared a feeling yesterday than ever before. Obama's speech was a reminder to all the individuals projecting their hopes onto him that they have a responsibility to do their part in improving the world we live in.

When you look at the civilizations that have thrived throughout history most have had a common goal that unites their people. I don't know if a common goal of wanting to fix things for the common good is tangible enough to unite our civilization, even if it is history shows that no unity lasts forever despite how noble the cause might be. But at least for a short time the majority believe in one thing, and are a little less selfish today.

We would do well to hold on to that belief for as long as possible, and change ourselves for the better with it.


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