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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2 more FTs

The was one big difference last night, I felt really good about playing before play began. I told The_Unc_III, who I also work with, that I was going to win two tourneys before I left work. I fell ever so slightly short of that mark, but two 180 FTs was close enough. 8th in one when A9 couldn't fill out a flush vs AQ allin on a Axx twotone flop, and 4th in the other when my 68 paired the twotone flop but after getting allin on the turn couldn't avoid a third crub on the river. Crubs always get there, I've heard. The 4th was more disappointing than the 8th place. I had big reads on all 3 of my opponents and their play was generally telegraphed and poor. Despite being the short stack for much of that final table I was convinced I could go on to win if the cards held up for me.

Of course I still made a huge mistake in one game, the $3 rebuy. I was quite nicely swimming along when I got dragged into a rag hand on my BB. Min raised with 4 callers, I called the extra 1bb with 10d 3d. 2 diamonds on the J high flop gave me some interest and it was checked round. First position bet small on the rag turn and I was the only caller. The river was another J and I shoved without thinking about whether that made any sense or not. The other player was extremely tight, my shove did not fit at all well with how I'd played the rest of the hand, and after a good long think he called with 99. A silly mistake and my excuse is I had tables popping up all over the place by then (WBCOOP had started too), thankfully I do things like that less and less these days.

Monday night I had a decent run too, finishing 281st when AK couldn't beat KQ. I started re-reading Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo at the weekend. The way I played better and felt better last night is directly linked to picking up this great book again.

And finally congrats to CK for finishing ITM in the LAPC O-8 event. GG!


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