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Sunday, January 10, 2010

$3 Rebuy Hand Review

Welcome back, this is going to be quite a long post as I look at some of the late stage hands I played earlier in the week. Hopefully we'll find something of interest for both of us and you can help me find ways of improving by adding any thoughts in the comments.

Edit : Takes a few minutes for all the vids to load up but it's worth the wait I hope.

Hand 1 : Pocket 3s in the BB =

I think this was a little wasteful as it was difficult to know where my opponent was at, having only seen him play 18 hands. You can't see it too clearly but the bottom left stat under his name is STL:43 which means he's attempted to steal the blinds 43% of the times he's had that opportunity but with so few hands the stat is not exactly reliable. We can also see the grey stat in the middle at the bottom shows CBF:N/A so we can't gain any insight into his flop c-bet as this is the first time he's had the opportunity to do it.

My gut was saying he was stealing, but I think the best option here would have been to fold preflop and wait until I had better information.

Hand 2 : KsQs in the BB

One orbit later and we get into a very similar situation with same player. This time though I hit a dream flop and think I extracted the maximum by allowing him to follow the same betting pattern from Hand 1 putting some extra chips in the pot before folding to my reraise.

Hands 3a and 3b : KQo and AKo

Ghostbusted is at it again raising but this time from UTG+1, I flat his raise with KQo but then the SB, who has only played 2/29 hands shoves and it's a very easy fold. It's immediately followed by a shortish stack pushing and a standard call with AKo, unfortunately we end up splitting the pot.

Hand 4 : KJo in the BB

Ghostbusted makes yet another play for my big blind but now he's got me covered. KJ is fine to defend my BB with so it's an easy shove just hoping he hasn't got enough to call. Really by this stage I should be able to make this move with any two cards but I don't know if I'd have the heart to for it.

Hand 5 : 8d9d stopngo

I get a table move and the blinds are really pushing on now. I've only been at the table for 5 hands so this time try to use lack of information to my advantage. I call a raise in the BB with the intention to shove any flop, as it turns out J2J is a great flop for this move anyway. The beauty of online play is your opponent can't see you closing your eyes and praying for a fold.

Hand 6a, 6b + 6c : 3 hand sequence

Finally a big pocket pair ! QQ in the BB and Parshukova has raised UTG so I have to give him credit for something decent. My preflop reraise was hoping to get him to push but he wanted to see a flop. I think I should have then checked the 9 high rainbow flop to try and get something out of him but at the time I was thinking that would look even more suspicious than shoving and given the previous few hands he has seen me go allin quite often recently and might think I just wanted to take the pot.

Then I allow him to take some of the chips back by playing KTo from the SB. If I bet out first here as I did the previous hand perhaps I win it there, instead I gave him the chance to bet and let him take the pot.

Finally KhJh on the button. Call deshotas 4xBB raise and see what develops, when he checks the A-high flop he's either trapping or scared. I can just about get away with betting 80% of the pot and still fold if he shoves, even though I'd be very short stacked again. He gave me a worrying moment but folded eventually.

Hand 7 : 2 easy decisions

Nothing special about these, an easy call with AKo to bust a shorter stack and then get moved table to face an easy fold with KJo against all that action.

Hand 8a, 8b + 8c : 66, A8o, KJo

Really wanted to call the 66 and see if I could hit the flop, especially as degrr's VP is 47 (loose) but something about Bosshog5's limp didn't smell right and if I called degrr's raise I couldn't call Bosshog5 if he decided to go allin. I was pleased when I saw the action on the river.

On the following hand with A8o in the cutoff I think it's a pretty standard steal spot. I have the button covered, the SB looks really tight and Bosshog5 is unlikely to be too bothered about defending his blind after his double up on the previous hand. Lastly fold KJo to a raise then get moved again.

Hand 9 : 77 double up

Lucky for me exorbitant had a slight tendency to defend his blind, the FBB (fold BB to steal) stat showing he defended his blind approx 1/3 of the times there was a late position raise. Fortunate as well that he had a lower pocket pair rather than two overcards.

Hand 10 : Jh9h mistake

I really shot myself in the foot with this hand. Calling out of position with J9 and missing the flop, when I check to Slyme1003 and he bets 600k into a 1.1M pot I think his bet is weak and reraise. When he flatted my reraise I was done with the hand because I thought I was being trapped and any other bet from me he has to call given the size of the pot. Would he have folded A-high if I'd gone allin on the river ? Probably not. A better way to win this hand may have been to flat call his flop bet and then bet the turn, but the easiest way to play the hand would have been to fold to his flop probe bet.

Hand 11 : A7o allin

After a bit of blind swapping I take my chances going all in with A7o and Slyme1003 has plenty enough chips to call and give me a double up. Then get a run of 3 or 4 easily playable hands which let me chip up back into the game.

Hand 12 : JsTs catching cards

5 handed and I raise JT on Slyme's BB again. When he calls and forces me to a decision with an OESD on the flop I decide I've got to get lucky at some point and I might not get a better chance to double up. Call and hit the straight on the turn to put me in decent shape for the final table.

Hand 13 : AsTs

12 hands into the final table and pepetanga has been fairly active, attempting to steal the blinds at every opportunity. Reraising here with AT is standard.

Hand 14a, 14b and 14c : 3 pairs define the game

This is the critical group of hands that changed the tournament, first with 55 in the SB again I'm able to reraise pepetanga's steal attempt. Then with 44 I'm able to pick up a pot when Slyme checks to me on the flop. This all leads to pepetanga's limp and I raise again, this time with KK. The previous action leads him to reraise me preflop as he's had enough of me reraising him. When he calls my allin I've got exactly what I wanted but the cards are cruel and instead of finishing the hand as chip leader I become the shortest stack at the table.

Hand 15 : Ah6h Lucksack !

I was just trying to pick up the blinds with my shortish stack and ran into QQ but got extremely lucky when the cards were kind this time.

Hand 16a and 16b : QdTd and A4o

Interesting hand with Sylme, I call his raise with QT and we both check the all club flop. When I paired the Q on the turn I still had no idea where I was at, I was either miles ahead of him if he had nothing or being trapped. I found out it was the latter when my river bet was reraised. I really really should be happy to fold here, especially given I even tryped "wp nh" in the chat before making the grudging call.

Then with A4o not really sure I should be playing that at all there. I could have shoved or just folded, I still had enough chips to play hands without trying to push things there. It was folding to the reraise here that led to my bustout hand...

Hand 17 : A3o busting out

After being forced to fold I didn't want to get into the same situation again so shoved all in on Slyme's BB. His call with KhJh is standard and hits the flop to send me packing.

If you made it this far well done, give yourself a pat on the back ! Any comments about ways to improve my play on these hands is very welcome. I hope you enjoyed watching them as much as I enjoyed playing them.


Anonymous Slyme1003 said...

Hello Tanorpheus,

I've found your Blog by searching in Google for my Nick "Slyme1003" and found this interesting article about our nice game in the $ 3.30 + R.
First let me say English isn't my native language, so don't wonder about some mistakes!
I enjoyed this game, too because it gave me some good lessons in improving my own game and it was also my first FT in a very big tourney.
Now it's nice to read about it and how you saw the different situations.
Didn't make the first in this, finally I placed as third, because I made some big mistakes, it was deep in the night in germany 4:30 and I was very tiered and only thought, let it finish now.
A few days later I made another FT in the $ 5.50 2R1A, but busted at 8th.
It's an interesting blog you've got and I make a note on it, hope to see you again deep in a tornament and good luck in your games!

Best regards,

Mike as Slyme1003

11:30 pm  

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