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Friday, January 22, 2010

Another cash

I finished around 250th in the 7000+ $3 monkey rebuy last night for another small cash. I was playing much better than Wednesday, stealing in more easy spots and not folding AK worked out for me as I won a few races. I still got done over by the German with JackAce who took half my stack that my QQ was trying to protect. Once we got ITM I thought I'd just go for it to try and get a decent stack, since the payouts aren't hugely different between 800-100th place. I should've made a shove with my own JackAce but raised and folded to a good players push, that left me with 13BBs and I pushed 33 into KJ which knocked me out on a JJA flop. I'll take it, I was really pleased with the way I played last night.

I've hit a bit of a poor run of form on the 180s, which I think is due to not finding steal spots because I'm paying too much attention to the $3 rebuy instead. Tonight I'll probably play just 2 tables at a time to see if I can get back to sorting out the 180 results.

Work has been tough this week, due to being forced to 'collaborate' with individuals who would not be offered their job back if they had to go through the interview process again. I am trying to work out how I can coerce them into sackable offenses to make out lives easier !


Blogger BWoP said...

Keep it up TanOrph! You and I are gonna hit the top spots soon enough :-)

(At least we're supposed to, right?)

8:27 pm  

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