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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A perfect opponent

Despite a tiny amount of snow and a much larger amount of freezing rain, I still made it up the gym last night, and will be going again tonight. My body is now aware that I'm going on holiday on June and doesn't seem to be complaining too much post-workout. I haven't booked the trip yet as the four of us that are going are still trying to work out where to stay. We've got the following options (prices include premium economy flights from london)
Wynn - £1178
Encore - £1394
Caesars - £1209

One of our party really wants to stay at Encore so it looks like we'll be going for the most expensive option.

When I got home I fired up the $3 rebuy and a few $4 180s. The rebuy went great to start with and I built up a decent stack but dumped it in the second hour when I was allin with Queens vs Kings. You could say cooler but really I didn't need to go gambling for stacks when we were 50BB's deep and should have folded to the preflop allin.
I FT'd two of the 180s, finishing 8th in one to a gutshot on the turn. In the other I was short stacked with 8 left then was dealt AA, KQ and AA again in a 3 hand rush all of which got paid off and moved me into the lead. As is often the case when you've got a big stack I doubled up two short stacks, one unlucky hand and one doubtful call 5 handed with KJ vs a tight players AK. When we got down to 3 handed play the table was set something like this ;

TanOrpheus : 22,400 chips
Player A : 130,000
Player B : 75,000

SB : 1000, BB : 2000, Ante : 100

Fortunately for me, Player B was the perfect opponent. On my BB it was his SB and he would complete every time. He told me exactly what he had by checking when he missed or bet when he had any pair or draw. All I had to do was fold when bet and bet when he checked, and he checked a lot, maybe 80% of the time. He never trapped and as far as I am aware never bluffed. He let me back into the game completely from only having 22k when we started to the point where I had a large enough stack after 20 mins to knock him out with AK vs his A5. In all that time of chipping back up not once did I go past the flop until his A5 allin.

That hand made me chip leader by about 18k and the first hand of heads up play I raised with 88, Player A shipped it in with KQo and I called. The King that fell on the flop looked like he'd sealed the deal but Pokerstars shined on me tonight and I rivered an 8 for the 2nd win of the experiment.


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