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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Repeat after me

I will not overplay TPTK against the table rock on the bubble ! repeat 100 times

I felt quite silly after that n00b mistake. On the plus side I hit the first win of the $4 180 experiment last night so P/L and ROI figures have soared in the right direction.

I'm 4 tabling these by the way so I'm getting 7 or 8 in a night and I'm really feeling the psychological benifit of
a) being properly bankrolled (300x buyins)
b) not having 3 or more hours of effort riding on just one tournament hand

I used to think of a lot of decisions in tournaments in terms of "My tournament life is on the line here" but when there is always another tournament starting soon it is a lot easier to make correct decisions rather than pressurised ones. Tournament life is obviously still a consideration, but it has far less bearing on the decision. All good stuff.

It would be a lot harder to keep that frame of mind in less frequent tourneys such as the sunday million, or a once-in-a-lifetime shot in the WSOP main event. Even with 300 buyins.

Question : If 300 buyins is a good roll for tournaments is it still that high for the WSOP main event given that you'll never be able to play it 300 times ? If not then what would be the right number ?


Blogger BWoP said...


I think I play better online when I have 2-4 tables running, probably for similar reasons. I get incredibly impatient playing online, yet I can sit for hours at a live table. Who knows . . .

9:20 pm  

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