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Monday, January 04, 2010

Setting the target

As we'll be seeing a lot more of each other in 2010, lets begin on the right foot with a bit of honesty. I don't know if I'm a winning poker player, or capable of being one long-term. What I know is that thanks to a couple of large MTT wins on various sites over the years I have made a little money and it's been spent on holidays and such. But I have never properly tracked results and been brutally honest with myself or you about what that means for me as a poker player.

Knowing that I had won a little was also the reason I stopped playing so much. It was easier to have won a bit and end it there than actually play a decent sample size of cash or tournaments and honestly say to folks "yeah I'm a winning player" when friends ask me about poker I tend to just say "i win a bit" and try to change the subject.

So to be grown up about this I am going to confront hope with reality this year. I will start by playing $4 180s on Stars as I am used to them and at the end of each month I will look at the results here so you can see if I'm a winner or if poker is destined to be something I just do for entertainment in the future.

Wish me luck...

Ready... Aim.. Fire !


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