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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Super Sunday ?

Woken up by the cats this morning for breakfast, I was pretty knackered after staying up late playing Razz, so instead of going back to sleep after feeding them I got some coffee on the played more Razz. Couple of hours later and I've turned $25 into $95 with standard plays against guys who call down every street and a 3bet on the river with J,7,3,2,A vs my 6,5,4,3,A... lol Razz is easy !

About 2pm after starting to watch the Sunderland - Portsmouth game I crashed on the sofa, only waking up 4 hours later when Roberts scored in the dying minutes of the Bolton - Blackburn game. Very confusing for a few minutes!

After reading that Acorn qualified for the Sunday Mill earlier in the week I decided to have a crack at an $8+R satellite myself, and now thanks to some quad 6's at a fortunate moment I'm in the Million tonight too. That sleep this afternoon might come in handy tonight if I run well enough to go deep.

Finally I'm watching the Chargers - Colts game now on SkySports after I noticed on $mokkee's blog that not only could I get better odds than 4-1 on betfair but also that Waffles aka The Cooler had picked Indy to win. That's gotta be a +EV bet anyday so I've got £15 on San Diego at 6.4 :o)

Go Chargers !!!

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Blogger $mokkee said...

smart bet! glad you enjoyed the game.

9:56 pm  

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